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Services / Programming

Juniper Webcraft develops specialized applications — both for the public web and for the exclusive in-house use of a single organization. We’ve created a wide range of applications that help businesses and organizations stay ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. From MySQL to PHP to JavaScript, if you need solid, secure apps to help run your business please contact us and we’ll gladly discuss your project in strict confidence.

Our areas of programming expertise include:


MySQL is a database system for storing & retrieving information, used commonly to hold the content of websites, making them easier to modify even by non-programmers.


PHP is a programming language for generating web pages. It runs on the server, which means that it’s not dependent on the individual user’s browser version or settings but it can be responsive to them. It is open-source, meaning that it is not owned by a single commercial interest but instead gains the benefit of the intelligent and varied Open Source community.


ASP is another programming language for generating web pages and runs on the server. It is a proprietary Microsoft product and runs primarily on Windows servers.


JavaScript is a programming language for web pages that runs in the browser, on the user’s computer. It can easily be turned off by the user and frequently is, so we don’t build websites that require JavaScript. Instead we use JavaScript to enhance the user’s experience when it is present, to change the web page dynamically and instantly in response to the user’s actions. We write ‘unobtrusive JavaScript’ so the page doesn’t break when scripting is disabled.


Web pages are text and images marked up with HTML. XHTML is the next generation of HTML and is a hybrid between HTML and XML, benefitting from greater precision and compatibility across browsers. We prefer to use XHTML-Strict for our websites because of the ease of cross-browser compatibility.


Cascading Style Sheets are a method of styling the appearance of web pages. By keeping this presentational layer separate from markup and programming, it’s easier to maintain and change the appearance of websites as they evolve. For a fascinating demonstration of the way a single page of HMTL markup can be variously styled, see the CSS Zen Garden.

Flash & ActionScript

Flash makes animations, and ActionScript is the programming language built it. After a long steady evolution full of lumbering dinosaurs, today’s Flash applications can be lightweight, very responsive to the user, and accessible to people using assistive technology.


A Content Management System is a program to help people modify websites. Juniper Webcraft’s own CMS merges content stored in MySQL databases with XHTML templates. It’s designed to help people update their website content without accidentally wrecking the layout. We also use WordPress for websites of a certain scale.

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