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  • Ibumba International Festival
  • Inner Peace Yoga Therapy
  • Vaccination Risk Awareness Network
  • Slocan Valley Community Arts Council
  • Sabela Music Projects
  • TRC Timberworks
  • Slocan Integral Forestry Cooperative
  • Leaf Cabinetry
  • Siyaya Arts
  • TM Athletics

Ibumba International Festival

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Ibumba International Festival

Ibumba International Festival, held annually in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, brings talent from across Zimbabwe, Africa, and further afield to perform to a rapt audience. They asked us to build them a website that could be updated and managed by them, and that was fun to visit and easy on the eyes.

Features: WordPress-driven content & client-usable CMS, online event calendar, artists pages, join-list, and contact forms.

Visit Ibumba International Festival.