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About us / Who we are

Juniper Webcraft combines the talents of software developer Paul Novitski and graphic designer Julian Hall. We’ve been working together since 2000 creating websites, exploring the parameters of web-based design, and generating tools, libraries, and techniques for developing websites, specialized applications, and marketing materials. We also work with many specialists from various fields, including Flash developers, graphic designers, writers, translators, and other media professionals.

Although we’re technicians, we’re people first. We strive to create websites and applications that are effective, user friendly, and attractive. We care about accessibility — both aesthetic and functional accessibility for everyone. We offer our clients an easy-to-use CMS web editor so they can update their websites whenever they want without having to call in a consultant or master a complex HTML editor.

Finally, we care deeply about the environment and progressive change, which shows in many of the clients we work with.

Paul Novitski

Paul Novitski has worked as a freelance programmer since 1981. He has written in a spectrum of programming languages from microprocessor assembly languages to PL/M, from ASP to PHP. His clients have included environmental organizations, writers, photographers, law firms, a garment manufacturer, a medical testing company, Wang Laboratories, and the United Nations. Today Paul primarily develops web applications using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, [X]HTML, and CSS. Paul is co-author of the JavaScript Bible, 7th Edition, the best-selling resource for client-side scripting. In his Copious Spare Time, Paul plays traditional Zimbabwean music on mbira and marimba and facilitates Dandemutande, a network of performers, teachers, and other lovers of Zimbabwean music. He once wrote science fiction and hopes to return to fiction again. He lives with his partner and their twin sons where the forest meets the meadow.

Julian Hall

Julian Hall holds two degrees — a B.A.A. in media arts and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto. For several years in the late 1990s he lived and worked in Banff as computer technical support to artists at the Banff Center for the Arts, and then for three years as web coordinator and principal web designer for located in Canmore, Alberta. He has designed 30+ websites, many commercial print jobs and several works of digital art. In his Copious Spare Time, Julian gardens, reads, swims, meditates, does yoga, creates art and music, and makes really good burritos.